‘Time traveller’ warns ‘huge event called The Release’ is just a few days away

A man who claims to be a time traveller has warned that a "very big event" called ‘The Release’ is just days away.

The bizarre warning was issued by Eno Alaric, a bloke who says he's from the year 2671, on his TikTok.

Alaric, who is also known as @theradianttimetraveller, has gained over 26,000 followers on the app by posting warnings about supposed future events.

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The creator has previously made warnings about twin planets with Earth, alien visitors and even portals opening to other dimensions.

But now, the self-professed time-warper has warned of four crucial dates this month.

“Yes, I am a real time traveller, remember these 4 dates in December 2022," he wrote over a TikTok video.

He listed December 8, December 12 and December 20 as significant days, and said 'The Release' would fall on Christmas Day.

The kooky TikTokker didn't offer any detail on what 'The Release' actually is, but the video racked up over 28,000 likes.

On his bio he does however add a clue, writing 'the Distants are Coming', although it's unlikely that an actual time traveller would use Tik Tok.

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“Very big things will happen on each of these dates, this will 100% prove that I am a real time traveler," the text overlay on his most recent video reads.

He then spookily warns: “Stay safe… and be cautious…”

One disbeliever wrote: “If you’re really a time traveler, shoot any video from the future and show it to us.”

But a second person seemed to buy into the spiel, writing: “Tomorrow is the day and I am anxiously awaiting it… I believe, I have been sensing the changes in our atmosphere/weather. The sky is even different.”

A fourth added: “Nothing significant has happened on Dec 8th or 12th so far… Maybe The Release will be epic on the 20th?!”

The serial Tik Tokker made similar claims for November, but many users pointed out that none of these came true.

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