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NO ONE wants to visit a bland and boring tourist attraction when they're on holiday, but some sites are so out of this world they never made it past the drawing board.

Throughout history, several wonders of the world have become mythical, but many modern creations will only be whispered about in a design studio.

From a spinning skyscraper to pyramids in Dubai, we've rounded up the craziest tourist attractions that were never built.

Dynamic Tower

Over 10 years ago, architect David Fisher put forward a proposal to build an 80-story skyscraper in Dubai with a twist – each and every floor was meant to spin.

The apartments would rotate around a concrete core and would give guests a 360 view of the city, all while being completely self-powered by wind turbines sandwiched between each floor.

Residents would be allowed to control the speed of their apartment through voice commands.

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The build was expected to cost £350 million – at this price it's no wonder it hasn't taken off.

Russian Ark

In 2011, Russian architect Alexander Remizov designed a hotel for the future called the Ark.

The climate-hardy hotel was meant to defy all the elements including earthquakes, floods, rising sea levels, and other environmental challenges.

The vessel was set to accommodate guests on land and at sea, and it would be self-reliant too – by generating power from the sun and the tides.

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It was meant to have a greenhouse and aviary on board, but the project never made it off the ground.


The highly anticipated Falconcity of Wonders was founded in 2005, and set to hold a variety of buildings including world-renowned landmarks with a twist.

When viewed from above the complex would take the shape of a Falcon with guests being able to visit Dueiffel Tower Dubai (inspired by the Eiffel tower), the Leaning Tower of Dubai, Dubai the Great Wall, and the Dubai Grand Pyramid.

Plans have been one and off the cards for years with nothing yet to be confirmed.

In the mean time, you can soon visit the Ziggurat pyramid in Dubai which started construction last year.

Martian Compound

Dubai also announced plans to construct a Martian compound.

The futuristic city was designed as a training centre for astronauts heading to Mars as well as an on-site museum for visitors.

The plans are very much out of this world.

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