An Australian was given a fright of his life as he went to wipe in the bathroom, only to be might by a huge spider waiting on the toilet roll.

While Brits are complaining about the regular sightings of spiders coming in to copulate this time of year, spare a thought for the folks in Australia whose spiders look like they've hit the gym, and then some.

In a country that plays host to some of the most terrifying wildlife on the planet, its arachnids are no exception to the scary creature count.

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The dangers of a creepy encounter was never laid more bare than then one unfortunate bloke came face to face with an eight-legged beast while he was at his most vulnerable.

After finishing a not-so-pleasant number two, one poor Aussie turned to the paper only to be confronted by a massive huntsman spider perched menacingly on top of the loo roll.

Taking to Reddit to reveal his harrowing story, the person who goes by the name Aussiewhiskeydiver posted an image of the horrifying hand-sized giant.

The Reddit user wrote: “After a rushed and violent bout of diarrhoea you are presented with the option to wipe or not to wipe.”

Comments to the post were a mix of worst case scenarios and 'helpful' tips.

One user wrote: “Imagine not noticing it, pulling on the toilet paper and it plops onto your hand. Lucky you’re on the toilet.”

Another user added: “And these holders are not often transparent! New fear unlocked.”

"Arachnophobe with IBS checking in. This is a nightmare vision for me," said another user.

Meanwhile, one user gave perhaps the only piece of advice that would potentially get the lad out of the situation.

They said: “Sacrifice the undies mate.”

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