Twitter ‘Hot Babe’ calling Obama Illuminati lizard turns out to be Chinese spy

A hugely popular right-wing Twitter account named "Ultra MAGA BELLA Hot Babe" with over 26,000 followers has been banned from the platform after it emerged that it was being run by Chinese spies.

The account, which, had once claimed former US President Barack Obama was an illuminati lizard creature, was part of a vast social network designed to seed disinformation and erode public trust in Western politicians.

In May this year, according to archived posts obtained by the Washington Post, Ultra MAGA BELLA Hot Babe tried to accuse the US Democratic Party of “stealing” an election and showed a photo that implied politicians had tampered with ballot boxes.

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"Ultra MAGA BELLA Hot Babe" also tweeted claims that former president Barack Obama was a “lizard person who is a member of the Illuminati”.

The following month it accused the parents of transgender teens of abusing their children.

The Ultra MAGA BELLA Hot Babe was also highly active in so-called “Trump trains” — where popular right-wing users encourage other social media users to follow other Twitter users who supported Donald Trump.

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Other linked accounts promoted claims that the US ran biological weapons research labs in Ukraine and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in the pay of billionaire George Soros.

While Russia and Iran were also implicated, most of the accounts involved in the misinformation network appeared to originate from China.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington angrily denied the accusation.

“Such accusations are completely fictitious and made out of thin air, and the Chinese side firmly objects to them,” spokesman Liu Pengyu said.

“China upholds the principle of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs and we have not the slightest interest to interfere in the US election.”

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A spokesperson for Twitter stressed that it was not blaming the disinformation activity on any specific governments.

The news comes as managers at the social media giant are dealing with controversial changes coming in as a result of new owner Elon’s Musk’s plans to transform Twitter into a “digital town square”.

One plan under discussion is a new feature allowing people to post videos and then charge users to view them, with adult content as a possibility.

Mock ups of the new feature described by the Washington Post suggest the functionality will be similar to what’s presently available on OnlyFans.


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