The Pentagon is soon due to release a bombshell report about UFOs and an expert has claimed if superior alien technology was ever found it could lead to an "arms race".

Cristina Gomez, who runs Paradigm Shifts UFO Channel on YouTube and collaborates as a producer and presenter with The Debrief, spoke to Daily Star about the implications of "off-world" technology.

Footage shown above of a flying object recorded from the cockpit of a fighter jet was confirmed as genuine by the Pentagon in 2019 and led to the official designation of UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The mystery object was dubbed the "Nimitz UFO" because the fighter pilots involved in the recording were stationed on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

It has led to the increased public interest of unexplained UFO reports and more "genuine" videos taken by US Navy personnel have since been released.

And, in a mammoth appropriations bill in 2020, the US government called for the release of an unclassified and all-sources report on unidentified aerial phenomena on June 1, 2021.

Cristina doesn't believe the government would immediately give "full disclosure" if extraterrestrials were detected and thinks it is likely the Pentagon report will describe UAP's as "suspected foreign adversary drone technologies, rather than mentioning them as having an "Off-World' origin".

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Cristina said: "If a government was to acquire concrete evidence that these craft that are flying in our skies and travelling in our oceans are originating from one or more extraterrestrial civilizations, it would be entirely prudent of them to investigate whether or not they represented an existential threat to us as a species.

"And this I imagine would be the very first pressing concern they would have regarding the presence of such visitors to our world.

"I can imagine then that the entire subject would receive the very highest security classification during that investigative process."

Cristina theorised that alien technology, if it existed and was found on Earth, could destabilise global relations and lead to a new type of "arms race".

She said: "In this scenario, if such were the case that the concrete evidence consisted of wreckage, or at least some recovered components of vastly superior technology, then logically there would be the concern of such technology falling into the hands of one or more of their foreign adversaries.

"Not only would the government in question not want to alert other nations to the fact that it now possessed extraterrestrial technology, but it would also have a sudden need to know if other nations also had in their possession and were studying similar technological artifacts.

"It could and would be seen at the highest levels as a new form of military arms race."

Cristina said disclosure would also send earthquakes through religion, global financial markets and potentially even be the catalyst for societal collapse "as a result of panic and fear".

The YouTuber also has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where she shares news about UAPs and interviews with experts..

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