Ex-MoD worker Nick Pope is alleged to have been abducted on a toll road where he experienced "lost time".

Ufologist Philip Mantle claims a chilling alien encounter Nick reports in his book The Uninvited was in fact experienced by the author himself.

According to Nick, a man named Peter was driving in Florida, US, with his girlfriend Jenny when their car was slowly pulled off the road into a clearing of trees about 100 feet off the ground.

With the trees lit up, Peter claimed he removed his seatbelt and stepped out of the vehicle into thin air before finding himself in a cramped metallic corridor.

Peter recalls eventually finding himself walking back in mid-air into his car where Jenny was still sitting there motionless.

Once back in the car, it began spinning until it reached the ground but on a highway outside of Boca Raton rather than the toll road they were driving on.

Bizarrely Peter believed the whole ordeal lasted less than half an hour, only to learn it had been another hour on top of that.

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A collective of researchers believe Peter was in fact Nick Pope, with the significance being he had a keener interest in extra terrestrial life forms than he let on at the Ministry of Defence.

Philip Mantle said: "Pope claimed that when he joined Air Staff (2A) in the summer of 1991 that he had no knowledge or interest in UFOs and it was only because of the UFO investigations that he carried out on behalf of the MoD that turned him into a believer.

"Well, I provided a document from the MoD in 1988 when he was working at Portsmouth that he had already dealt with a UFO enquiry there.

"In January 1991, before he moved to the so-called 'UFO DESK' he had already had his own close encounter in Florida.

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"He now denies that any such encounter happened and we have also provided documents to show that while serving at Air Staff (2A) he was a D-grade clerk and never investigated anything."

It is more than just coincidence that connects the toll road terror to Nick's own experience, say ufologists who claim to have been told as such by the man himself.

One of them, Chris Fowler said: "Nick came out with something that I found pretty weird, at least coming from him that is.

"He told us all that a few years ago, before he got the job at Air Staff 2A, he was on holiday with his girlfriend at the time in Florida and had what he described as a ‘missing road’ experience.

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"He said that they were on a toll road and all of a sudden realised that they hadn’t passed the toll booth they would have definitely gone through."

Another, Daniel Harris added: "Chris and I both had our jaws on the floor. We couldn't believe what he'd told us."

In his investigation Philip has found a document signed by Nick Pope from 1988 disclosing his interest in the UFOs prior to his MoD role dealing with UFO enquiries.

Philip has also unearthed the MoD's clarification that there was no British Government UFO Project.

Mr Mantle said: "All a coincidence? I think not. When you put all of this information there is only one conclusion that you can arrive at, Nick Pope and ‘Peter’ are one of the same. Of that I have no doubt."

Nick replied to the Daily Star's request for a comment: "I pranked a few rather inebriated ufologists with this story 25 years ago and I guess I'm reaping the rewards if the story is still doing the rounds.

"It happened at the UK premiere of the alien autopsy video, which should tell people something about the gullibility of those still spreading the rumour."

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