A top scientist has been hounded with requests to explain the sudden increase in UFO sightings over Ukraine after multiple claims of extra-terrestrials in the skies.

Officials in the invaded eastern European country even ordered two meteor monitoring stations to observe the UFOs, which researchers say are everywhere.

One bloke reckoned he saw a strange tic tac-shaped object flying above the capital Kyiv that was "hovering low" before it "shot up at an angle".

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And other reports claimed a group of Russian tanks were wiped out by a mystery UFO attack after the families of trapped soldiers prayed for help.

But despite the widespread claims, physicist Avi Loeb’s recent report has dismissed the sightings as mistakes.

He wrote: “I am not sure what to make of the report. Ukraine is in a military conflict with a lot of human-made activity in the sky.

“This must introduce a lot of noise for any search for objects that are not human-made.

“In science we aim to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio, and so Ukraine would be the last place on Earth where I would initiate UAP studies.”

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The boffin explained that if you reduce the supposed-UFOs inferred distance by a factor of ten, they are consistent with “the size and speed” of artillery shells.

Others have suggested the unidentified technology could be foreign surveillance or military technologies.

Loeb added: “My paper provides a quantitative scientific calculation, implying that the dark objects identified as "phantoms" by a team of Ukrainian astronomers… are likely artillery shells.”

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