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    An "absolute unit" of a carrot has been found in a British supermarket, with some saying you'll be able to "see through walls" if you ate it.

    An image of the monster vegetable was shared to the r/CasualUK Reddit page, showing it to be roughly the size of the finder's forearm.

    The caption read: "Absolute unit of a carrot. Found at a local convenience store in Paignton, Devon."

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    Not only is the carrot extraordinarily long, it is also extremely girthy. The base almost fills the entirety of the person's hand.

    Reacting to the beast in the comments section, several people suggested that this carrot might do a little more than just help you see in the dark.

    One wrote: "That'll make your arse see in the dark."

    Another said: "Forget seeing in the dark, if you eat that you’ll be able to see through walls."

    Some wondered whether the carrot just looked bigger given the photo's perspective, with one asking: "Are you just very small with a regular sized carrot?"

    Several people piled in with suggestions as to how to cook the carrot, with roast appearing to be the most popular choice, but given that it was posted on Reddit others thought of other, dirtier uses for the vegetable.

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    Predicting that filthy comments would soon ensue, one person joked: "Don't show this on Reddit. You know what will happen."

    Unsurprisingly, there were several comments suggesting that it would make a useful self-pleasuring device.

    One read: "Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough."

    "Make sure you use lube," another advised.


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