The world’s first space travel agency has launched in the UK and wants to provide trips to outer space.

Rocket Breaks wants to take people on the adventure of their lives on spacecraft, which will blast them to within a few hundred kilometres of the Moon’s surface and go on 10-day trips to the International Space Station.

It also hopes to go on orbital space vacations where space travellers will be able to enjoy meet-and-greets with astronauts and three-course dinners made out of space food.

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Founder David Doughty, 40, set up the company in lockdown and thought he had the expertise to do it as he owns a private jet and helicopter company.

He said: “People seem to be fascinated with going to space.

‘’Our focus is on service over revenue and providing the best service possible to all our clients, we realised that these standards are transferable and effectively the processes are the same, it’s just a different destination.”

He added a few celebrity personalities had been in touch to inquire about their packages but, most of the time, interest has been from ‘’individuals looking for an experience like no other”.

The firm, which is now looking for funding to improve their marketing and staffing, also wants to offer Zero-G Flights on Earth on a Boeing 727 which will fly at 24,000 feet to allow people to experience weightlessness.

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It also wants to give people the chance to experience space flight in a simulator, which will take them to orbit the earth where they can sip champagne and take photos of the planet, and simulated space walks.

Rocket Breaks, which has an office in Clitheroe, Lancashire, also hopes to open a hotel dedicated to space, where people will be able to do earth-based space training missions.


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