Comedian Joe Lycett believes a ghostdog is having a laugh at his expense by making pooches wee in his doorway, as we revealed yesterday.

But he’s not the only one who has experienced spooky encounters with animals from the other side.

Here KIM CARR hunts down 10 ghostly tales about creatures with tails, claws, wings and fur…

BARKING MAD: After playing werewolf George in Being Human, actor Russell Tovey was already in tune with the other side when he saw the ghost of a white dog while staying over at a friend’s house. Earlier a clairvoyant appeared to be patting thin air at the property and said she was stroking a dog. Russell later saw the spooky pup coming down the stairs.

MONKEY BUSINESS: A perky primate ghost is reported to have been spotted pleasuring himself at Athelhampton House in Dorset. Martyn’s Ape, named after the trader who owned the house, had a fondness for one of the young ladies of the home who accidently locked him in a room where he starved to death.

BARE NECESSITIES: A sentry guarding the Tower Of London collapsed in shock after stabbing a ghost bear with his bayonet. Not because he was faced with a hairy beast but because his weapon struck the wall instead of flesh.

MEW MUST BE KIDDING: The US Capitol building is said to be haunted by a so-called “demon cat”. The black feline has been spotted before important events and tragedies including the stock market crashing and President Kennedy’s assassination.

CHOC HORROR: Paranormal investigators have claimed RAF Scampton, the airfield in Lincolnshire from where the Dambusters launched their attack, is haunted by a brown labrador said to be the ghost of the squadron leader Guy Gibson’s dog. Growling has been heard and a brown lab showed up in a 1987 photo taken on site.

TUNNEL APPARITION: Workmen at St Enoch station in Glasgow have reported seeing a black ghost cat appear on the platform, slink off down the tunnel then vanish into thin air.

THANKS A BUNCH: While filming a ghost episode of The Brady Bunch, actor Christopher Knight woke in the middle of the night and saw two hunting dogs at the end of his bed. The next day he was shown the fireplace, which had the image of the same hounds etched on a metal fireguard.

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EGGED ON: The ghost of a chicken is reported to flap its transparent wings around Pond Square in London’s Highgate after being killed there in 1626 by Sir Francis Bacon. In 1970 it was said to have put off a romantic couple when it squawked in displeasure at their saucy behaviour.

HAVING A GANDER: The Irving family from the Isle Of Man told in the 1930s how they were haunted by a talking mongoose, who sang rhymes, discussed theology and politics, and even gave them horse racing tips.

SCURRY OFF: A woman called Alma Fielding from Thornton Heath, Surrey, was reported to have made white ghost mice jump out of her handbag and ghostly beetles pop out of her gloves in 1938.

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