A flagship branch of pub giant Wetherspoon has been forced to close thanks to an unwanted punter that won't leave.

The £2.4 million pub based at Birmingham New Street Station which only opened a few weeks ago has become the new home of a pigeon that flew into the bar earlier this week, and refuses to go.

It has now been closed for three days – just 10 days after it first opened.

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The bird moved in to the cavernous roof space, and has not wanted to leave, Birmingham Live reports.

Staff cleared the pub of punters and furniture on Wednesday (November 30), and did manage to get it to come down with some bread, but it kept flying back up every time someone tried to catch it.

A note was placed on the door of the pub telling punters where the nearest pigeon-free open branch was, and that they were hoping to reopen the next day – which it was not.

A spokesman for Wetherspoon said: “Our staff know this part of town very well and none of us have hardly ever seen a pigeon in this area before compared with other areas such as 'Pigeon Park' next to Birmingham Cathedral.

“It must have been a 'rogue' pigeon which had somehow got lost.

“This kind of situation is very unusual and we have done everything we could at first to try to persuade the bird to leave.

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“The high ceiling has not helped trying to catch it – we haven't been ordered to close the pub but we took that decision immediately because the health of our customers is paramount.

“A specialist company is going to come to make sure the bird is removed and we will make sure there is a thorough clean of the premises.”

The management was hoping that the issue would be solved in time for breakfast service today (December 2), but when the Daily Star rang the branch, nobody answered.

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