A woman who has had a near-death experience claims she now has disturbing premonitions of people walking past her on the street.

Stephanie Arnold, from Chicago, US, was clinically dead for 37 seconds when she gave birth to her second child in 2013.

She claimed to have premonitions of her "death" in the build up to the pregnancy and, while doctors were fighting to bring her back to life, she said she had an out-of-body experience.

The incident left Stephanie in a medically-induced coma for six days with kidney failure.

Appearing on Netflix's documentary Surviving Death, the mum-of-two sought advice from a professor at the Division of Perceptual Studies in the University of Virginia.

She claimed that her visions and premonitions had become more intense since her near-death experience.

"I believe it's a blessing," Stephanie said. "But spiritually it's a challenge, because I see things that people don't see a lot of the time.

"Most of the visions I get are from complete strangers. Just people who are in my line of sight.

"I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack. But I know it's not mine.

"We all have this ability to perceive things, especially danger. We just don't take it seriously."

Trying to explain the premonitions, Dr Bruce Greyson said her experience is similar to others who suffered near-death experience.

The expert said: "Frankly, the premonitions that came before it are not common.

"It's more common to have these premonitions after the experience."

"When something like a near-death experience happens, that opens up the filter.

"Once it's open, it's hard to shut it."

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