A WOMAN has claimed she'll never be the same after a toe-curling encounter on a recent flight.

Savannah Simerley was travelling on board an American Airlines flight when a fellow passenger rested their bare feet on her arm rest.

The clenched feet, seen in the blue-lit darkness of the cabin, were described as "what nightmares are made of."

She shared a video of the encounter on TikTok under her profile @veeveela, captioned: "I will never be the same.”

It continued: “I thought the person kicking my chair was unsettling. But I had no idea what nightmares could be made of.”

The video shows the moment a person seated behind Ms Simerley pokes their toes through and props them on her arm rest.

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“I thought those were dog paws!,” one person commented.

“I would have screamed,” another added.

“Were you sitting in front of a werewolf?! I’m a grown man and I literally gasped in horror,” another questioned.

The video has since been viewed more than 1.7 million times and received over 80k likes.

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While resting your feet on someone else's chair is pretty unpleasant behaviour, it's also unhygienic for the foot.

Flight attendant Beth Windsor told Insider that going barefoot is one of the biggest mistakes you could make during a flight.

She explained that the floors are some of the dirtiest parts of the plane, and removing shoes and socks could lead to foot infections.

Beth said: "If the plane hits turbulence when you're in a small restroom, it can cause a mess that you probably don't want to step into, especially not with bare feet."

Podiatrist Ebonie Vincent also warned against getting your toes out on a plane, saying it leaves travellers exposed to bad bacteria.

She told the Washington Post: "You could pick up fungus, not to mention the millions of germs and bacteria that you could transfer to carpets, inside hotel rooms or homes and cars, which serves as a danger to other people."

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Flight attendant Raven Johnson added that it made her "cringe", saying: "Yes, they're cleaning the planes a lot more than they used to, but still, you're not at home."

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