OLDER travellers have pipped the younger generation to going back on holiday as travel firms report a surge in bookings following vaccinations.

Over-50s are leading the charge for going on holiday with many receiving their vaccine in the UK's rollout.

The vaccine is currently being given to anyone over the age of 80, as well as anyone living or working in care homes, and health workers at a high risk.

It is thought that the boom is due to "vaccine confidence" of those receiving the jab with plans to have everyone in this bracket vaccinated by Easter.

TUI said that the majority of their online bookings this week were for people in that age group.

Destinations include Greece and Spain, both popular holidays with Brits, while bookings are for a fortnight instead of the usual seven nights.

National Express has also seen a surge in bookings from the older generation for UK holidays.

The travel firm, whose clients are mainly aged 65 and over saw a 185 per cent increase in bookings for spring and summer staycations.

Head of holidays at National Express Jit Desai said: "We launched our spring summer brochure over the weekend and on Monday we took a week's worth of bookings in a day.    

"Many are having their first jabs and know that in around 12 weeks they will be having their second, and that gives them a level of certainty that they will be able to enjoy their 2021 holiday."

TUI's Andrew Flintham told the BBC's Today programme that they were not only seeing longer holidays, as people opt for a bigger trip after missing out last year, but more "multi-generational groups" as families opt to go away together.

He added: "We're seeing a customer base or age group that wasn't booking before, that is starting to book. The over 50s, we assume, is on the back to the vaccine news."

Brits could soon be offered a "vaccine passport" after getting their coronavirus jab in a new trial.

The passport, created by biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued as a free app so people can prove digitally if they have had their Covid vaccine.

They will primarily be for the NHS to keep track of the number of Brits that have received their first or second jab – but could be the key to letting Brits holiday across the world this year.

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis told EU chiefs there needs to be a “common understanding” on vaccine passports to help kick start travel this summer.

Although he stopped short of saying they should be made mandatory for travel he said a formal vaccine certificate would encourage people to get the jab.

The government has vowed to get everyone over the age of 50 vaccinated by May, which would work out to 2m jabs per week.

 2.6million doses have been given out so far.

A calculator lets you work out when you will receive your vaccine depending on your age – here is how to find out.

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