Brad Paisley Gifts a Guitar to Nashville Musician Affected by Christmas Explosion

Brad Paisley is giving back to a fellow Tennessean following the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas.

Musician Buck McCoy was in his apartment on the city’s 2nd Avenue when the blast, later identified as an intentional suicide bombing, went off. McCoy was able to escape, but all of his belongings, including his clothes, musical instruments, car and more, were destroyed, according to a GoFundMe set up in his name.

After hearing about McCoy’s misfortunes, country star Paisley set out to help, sending him a brand new guitar. “Oh my God look at this — this is so gorgeous,” McCoy says in a video of him opening up the guitar, shared by TMZ.

“Thank you so much Brad, this is a dream come true. I really appreciate you sending me this guitar. I will treasure it forever,” McCoy adds, noting that Paisley signed the instrument and left a note on it reading, “Buck, twang on pal. Glad you’re still here.”

“Man I’m getting chills brother,” McCoy says. I thank you so much for this gift, I promise I’ll keep it forever. I’m going to write a hit on this sucker right now!”

McCoy also talked about hearing from Paisley during an interview with the local news station WKRN.

“I went to my Instagram; and there was a message; and I was like, this must be some kind of prank,” McCoy told the outlet. “You know, one of my funny buddies saying let’s cheer Buck up. No, it was actually [Paisley]; and he wanted to talk to me; and he said I want to hook you up with a guitar so you can get back to work and make a living.”

In addition to the generous gift from the “Waitin’ on a Woman” singer, McCoy also opened up about being reunited with his beloved cat, Molly, after being unable to retrieve her when he was escaping his apartment.

“I know she’s just a little orange cutie thing, but she was everything to me,” he said. “The last five years she’s always been there for me when I get off work, and you know she likes to eat whiskers and she loves channel 2. We watch channel 2 together.”

Now, with Molly by his side and a brand new guitar, McCoy said he’s ready to move forward.

“I can’t just sit around and think about it over and over and the memory comes back,” he shared. “It’s just, I need to create new memories; I need to create fun experiences; and then water those experiences; and let those old weeds die in the back.”

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