A WOMAN has been left stranded in Croatia – after not realising she booked her return flight for a year LATER.

Model Alexia Portman was on holiday in Croatia when she headed to the airport for her flight to Milan, where she was heading next.

However, after arriving at 6am, she quickly realised her flight wasn't for 2021, but was for 2022.

She shared her blunder on TikTok, saying in the video: "As if I've just got to the airport at 6am and my flight turned out to be booked for next year."

She then videoed herself with her hand over her mouth, showing her packed suitcase next to her as she waited outside the airport terminal.

In the comments, she added that she spent the last of her money on a taxi to the airport, and that she didn't realise she has booked for 2022 after she had to cancel her flights twice during the pandemic.

She had problems before, in a previous video where she was stuck in Croatia as her flights to Milan were being cancelled.

Her video quickly went viral on the social media website, with nearly 400,000 likes.

One person joked: "I understand you need to be at the airport two hours early but a year seems a bit too early."

Another person said: "Dad's arrival time when they make the family leave early."

She added that she would update everyone soon, but had "run out of data".

It's hardly the first time someone got their flights wrong – in 2018, a man ended up 1,400 miles on the wrong side of the Arctic.

And in 2019, passengers were stunned to find themselves in Edinburgh in Scotland – instead of Germany's Düsseldorf.

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