Britons’ top takeaway choices during lockdown 3.0 revealed – and it’s fish and chips that’s No1, followed by egg-fried rice and pizza

  • Chippies are the most popular takeaway outlet, supplying 33% of all orders  
  • Orders for fish and chips have increased by 330% this year compared to 2020 
  • Britons’ favourite main dish from an Indian takeaway is the chicken tikka 

The takeaway food and drink Britons are ordering the most during lockdown 3.0 have been revealed – and it’s fish and chips that they’re turning to, according to a study, no doubt in a bid to keep the gloom at bay.

The single most popular item is chips, followed by fish, with haddock (44 per cent), then cod (35 per cent) the two varieties customers want to reel in.

And chippies are by far the single most popular takeaway outlet, supplying 33 per cent of all orders. 

The takeaway food and drink Britons are ordering to cheer themselves up during lockdown 3.0 have been revealed – and it’s fish and chips that they’re turning too amid the gloom

Researchers, who studied takeaway orders made between January 6 and January 21 this year, revealed that the third-most-popular takeaway item isn’t actually a meal, but ‘sauce’, with garlic being the most popular (25 per cent), followed by curry ( 23 per cent).

According to the research, by online food delivery platform Flipdish, the fourth-most-popular takeaway dish is rice, with the most in-demand version being egg-fried (27 per cent), followed by pilau (22 per cent).

The rest of the ranking of 12 items comprises pizza (fifth, with Margheritas the most popular type); burgers (sixth, with chicken burgers the most popular followed by cheeseburgers); naan (seventh); Coca Cola (eighth); plain sausage (ninth); chicken goujon (10th); poppadoms (11th), and latte coffee in twelfth place.

The Margherita pizza is the fifth-most-popular takeaway item


1. Plain chips

2. Fish – haddock (44%) and cod (35%)

3. Sauce – garlic (25%) and curry (23%)

4. Rice – egg-fried (27%) and pilau (22%)

5. Pizza – Margherita top (32.8%)

6. Burgers – chicken burger (39%) and cheeseburger (25%)

7. Naan

8. Fizzy soft drink – Coca Cola top (78%)

9. Sausage – plain top (50%)

10. Chicken goujons

11. Poppadoms

12. Coffee – latte most popular (39%)

Source: Flipdish. Using data from orders made between January 6 and January 21, 2021. 


The rest of the popular outlet ranking comprises ‘bar/grill’ in second place, followed by pizza (third), Chinese/Thai (fourth); Deli (fifth), coffee shop (sixth); Indian (seventh); Sushi (eighth); kebab (ninth); burger joint (10th); ‘café’ (11th); Brazilian (12th), and Mexican in 13th place. 

Hungry for more stats? Flipdish is ready to serve them. 

It revealed that when Britons settle on ordering from an Indian takeaway, the main dish they’re most likely to buy is chicken tikka.

And when they target a deli, they’re most likely to be after gamberetti (shrimp) pasta and Shawarma (thinly sliced meat, Middle East-style).

But it’s fish and chips that’s king – and more popular than ever. 

Flipdish said that the most popular order from fish and chip shops is fish and chips (no surprises there, really) and that it’s also the most popular item bought in the bar/grill category (along with pizzas).

What’s more, orders for fish and chips have increased by 330 per cent this year compared to 2020.

Debbie Rose Reilly, Manager of McMonagle’s Boat fish & chips shop in Glasgow, said: ‘It’s been a tough ride for us all, but we’re hoping 2021 is a better year so we can welcome customers back to dine-in with us. In the meantime, we encourage the public to continue supporting their favourite restaurants by ordering online takeaways direct. This small change will be a massive difference.’

Fionn Hart, UK Country Manager for Flipdish, said: ‘We’ve seen an immense increase in takeaway orders this lockdown. The most popular dish during lockdown has been fish and chips, suggesting the stereotype about Britons’ favourite takeaway is true. But we have also seen a growing demand for bar and grill food, as Britons desperately try to recreate the feeling of being in a pub or bar at home.

‘The rise in people ordering direct from restaurants is hugely encouraging for businesses. Owners that have been forced to quickly pivot to delivery and takeaway are now able to keep more of their revenue rather than giving it to aggregators. The latest lockdown highlights the need for having a long-term and sustainable plan for delivering takeaway. 

‘Restaurants, bars, and cafés should use this time to ensure their digital experience is seamless for customers and profitable for themselves. Then loyal customers will continue ordering direct from them long after lockdown and business will thrive in recovery.’


1. Chippie (38%) – fish (cod and haddock) and chips most popular

2. Bar/grill (12.18%) – pizzas and haddock most popular dishes

3. Pizza (11.94%) – Margherita most popular pizza

4. Chinese/Thai (11.88%) – sweet & sour chicken balls, noodles and egg-fried rice most popular

5. Deli (8%) – gamberetti pasta [shrimp] and shawarma most popular

6. Coffee (5.5%) – latte most popular

7. Indian (4.7%) – chicken tikka, pilau, poppadom and naan most popular 


8. Sushi (3%) – poke bowls most popular

9. Kebab (1.38%) – fried chicken and kebabs most popular

10. Burgers (1.35%) – chicken burgers, cheeseburgers and chips most popular

11. Café (1.2%)

12. Brazilian (1%)

13. Mexican (0.3%) 

Source: Flipdish. Using data from orders made between January 6 and January 21, 2021. 

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