BRITS have been given hope for holidays abroad this summer after the Transport Secretary lifted the amber list quarantine restrictions for fully vaccinated Brits.

However, some countries are at risk of being moved from the amber list to the red list at short notice – which would ban all travel to them.

Grant Shapps announced earlier today that Brits who have had both doses of the vaccine can now return from a country on the amber list without having to quarantine.

Instead, from July 19, they can follow the rules of a green list country, which just requires a pre-arrival Covid test and another test on day two.

However, he also warned of changes that Brits can expect – and that amber list destinations could quickly be changed to red.

He said: "As we begin to ease restrictions, travel will not be the same as it was before, in 2019."

"The experience at the border will be different with longer wait times necessitated by the risks."

"We will not make any changes to those arriving from countries on the red list, even if fully vaccinated."

"Amber list countries could still turn red […] and if it goes into red, a mandatory hotel quarantine."

Currently on the red list is Turkey, despite hopes it could soon be moved to the amber list, as well as the Maldives and Dubai.

Some destinations in Europe are seeing soaring cases, which includes Spain – meaning it may be at risk of moving from the amber list to the red list at short notice.

Earlier this year, flights from Portugal soared in price after the country was moved from the amber list to the green list.

If countries are moved at short notice, families may be forced to cancel their holiday at short notice or book earlier flights to avoid the pricey hotel quarantine.

Brits will also have to check the entry restrictions for their holiday destination, as many are enforcing quarantines or mandatory tests.

Both Portugal and Malta are only welcoming fully-vaccinated Brits, along with France while Spain now requires a negative test, or proof of both jabs, from all UK arrivals.

Brits heading to Cyprus will need to have two Covid tests unless they are fully vaccinated from tomorrow.

However, Germany has recently lifted restrictions for Brits who are fully vaccinated, after initially closing their borders to the UK due to the Delta variant.

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