Brits will be able to holiday in Portugal as flight ban lifted from TOMORROW

PORTUGAL's UK flight ban is to expire tomorrow, meaning Brits will be able to go back on holiday to the country once more.

While a holiday abroad is yet to be given the go-ahead by the UK government, it is hoped that they may resume from May 17.

A traffic light system will open up low-risk countries, if they are placed onto the "green" list, with hopes that Portugal may be one of the few EU destinations.

The flight ban has been imposed since early this year, following fears regarding the Kent strain, although will expire from today.

However, airlines such as BA and Ryanair have updated their flight schedules, according to local media, to resume flights to destinations such as Lisbon.

British Airways has weekly flights from London Heathrow to Faro from April 24 available on their website while Ryanair is resuming London to Faro flights from May 7.

While holidays cannot go ahead from the UK until next month, Portugal is also one of the countries to back vaccine passports.

This means fully-vaccinated travellers would be able to enter the country restriction-free, although arrivals would need both jabs.

Those without both jabs will need a negative test before arriving, and may face additional quarantine restrictions.

Thankfully, Portugal was also removed from the UK's high-risk "red list" earlier this month, so returning travellers can quarantine at home instead of at a quarantine hotel.

The Portuguese island of Madeira was one of the first destinations in the EU to offer restriction-free travel if vaccinated or can show proof of Covid antibodies.

Brits will find out in early May where they can jet to on holiday with the government to announce the hotspots will be open this summer.

However there are fears that European countries may not be able to jab enough of their populations to qualify for green status under the traffic light travel system.

The bloc was relying heavily on the Johnson and Johnson shot to make up lost ground, but deliveries have now been paused over blood clot fears.

However, easyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren said he expects most of Europe to be on the "green" list.

He said earlier this week: "We would expect that, if the Government continues with the approach on the testing regime that they have said, I would expect almost all major European countries, that by the time it comes to travel reopening, that most countries in Europe should be in that category."

He added: "If the PCR test and the lateral flow test will need to be in place for 'green' countries, I couldn't see that there would be many countries in Europe that wouldn't be in the 'green' category."

He also said that they will "closely monitor" the Europe vaccine rollout situation, saying: "Most countries are planning to resume flying at scale in May."

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