LATERAL flow tests will replace expensive PCRs for returning holidaymakers — but travellers will still pay through the nose.

The swabs, only for double-jabbed arrivals, will cost about £30 as the free NHS kits will not be accepted.

Those taking the test will be supervised in person or virtually but the changes will save about £100 in testing costs per booking.

And they will not have to show a negative test at all if they return from a green list country.

Unvaccinated travellers will still have to pay for a PCR test and face ten days of self-isolation.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps will also today announce the end of the traffic light system in favour of a go/no-go list.

And the red list that bans travel to 62 countries will be more than halved when all of the new measures kick in before half-term next month.

Some popular holiday spots, such as Turkey, Mexico and Tunisia, could be declared safe.

But Tim Alderslade, CEO of Airlines UK which represents easyJet and British Airways, called for all testing to end.

He said: “Getting rid of PCR testing would be a real step forward but not if we still end up with two tests you have to pay for.

“The cost savings would be relatively minor and you’d still have all the hassle and inconvenience which as we found this summer is a huge barrier to travelling.”

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