What’s the lowest you’ve ever paid for a hotel room? Bet it wasn’t 2p a night.

A figure like that is bound to get people clicking, which is exactly why this budget hotel in Thailand has slashed its price.

The Harmonize Hotel in popular tourist destination Chang Mai is trying to lure customers back by reducing its already cheap nightly rates.

Pre-pandemic, they charged between £11-£23 a night but have now dramatically reduced it to 2p a night.

This is in an effort to boost tourism after suffering a big setback due to Covid-19.

The 77-bedroom budget hotel still looks pretty good for that price – all rooms have Wi-Fi, a TV, and pool access.

And to increase its gesture of goodwill, Harmonize Hotel is also offering 300 baht (£6.94) for guests to spend on the on-site restaurant.

Harmonize Hotel owner Phunut Thanalaopanich said the offer has done what it’s supposed to – increase the number of bookings the hotel gets.

He said they’d been receiving ‘a lot of calls’ since it went up. Now other hotels want a piece of the action.

Local media reports say 45 other Chang Mai hotels will be taking a leaf out of Harmonize’s book and dropping room rates by 70%.

It makes sense considering how Thai tourism has changed in the past few years. The Asian country only opened to vaccinated tourists in November 2021 and is seeing a slow trickle of tourism.

Where in 2019, they saw 40 million visitors, in 2022 that figure is 3.12 million for the first seven months.

If you are planning to head to Chang Mai any time soon, just remember that only 200 bookings are available per day at Harmonize and tourists must use up the offer by October 31. 

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