Cabin crew aghast as 'rude' air passenger eats tray of lobster on plane – but it's 'not against rules'

FLIGHT attendants have been left gobsmacked at a picture of one lavish passenger who brought an ENTIRE tray of lobsters aboard her flight.

While most frequent flyers tend to avoid food that is particularly pungent, the photo posted by the airline worker on social media showed that one woman simply couldn't go without.

Redditors were horrified by the snap of a customer’s decadent meal, which took up an entire economy class seat on the US domestic flight.

In the photo, the woman is seen sipping a drink with a large metal roasting tray in front of her filled with a seafood boil.

A second humongous foil tray is nestled in the seat next to her was no less than six cooked, shell-in lobsters – which looks far tastier than the usual plane food on hand.

The post was then shared in a group for cabin crew and flight attendants, with some calling out the inappropriate behaviour, as others said it may be extra, but it's not against the rules.

One flight attendant noted: “Wow that is next level rude.”

Not everyone was against the bold move, as one crew member said: “Is it annoying and extra? Yes.

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“But doesn't break any rules as far as I can tell. I'm just handing them extra trash bags, napkins, and asking for a crab leg.”

Another added: “I’m not here to police what people eat on the plane. As long as it’s put away for take-off and landing, we are good.

“This is the most extra thing I’ve seen in a while and I’m honestly here for it.”

Another wrote: “And I thought it was bad the one time I had a family group of about eight all eating canned tuna salad.”

The picture was posted on the subreddit, r/trashy, where it became clear that most Redditors were impressed by the stranger's boldness.

One person wrote: “How the hell? I can’t even bring a full tube of toothpaste on a plane.”

As another responded: "She obviously bought a ticket for the lobsters."

Someone on Reddit pointed out that they must have purchased the food in the terminal: "That's probably a $200 meal with $20+ in lil bottles of liquor."

"Of course, the airline and airport are cool with it. Might have come with metal utensils too."

A jokester said: “At least she brought enough for the whole plane.”

And, another wrote: “Gonna look like a damn fool when there’s some turbulence and ya got lobster juice all over you.”

As a fifth wrote: “The little splashes of lobster juice on the upholstery and carpets that will continue to stink until every last vestige is removed by deep steam cleaning.”

But, on a serious note, someone else added: “Imagine if a person around her had a severe seafood allergy.”

As others urged passengers to be wary of what food they take on planes.

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