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AN AMERICAN couple who bought a fancy apartment on a cruise ship said they have already made money on it – without even setting sail.

Misty Frost and her partner Dean Brederson were two of the first people to buy a cabin on the new MV Narrative – a mega cruise ship with 500 private rooms and apartments.

The couple, from Salt Lake City, initially paid $3million (£2.4million) for a 720 square feet one-bedroom cabin.

In their cabin, the couple will also have a walk-in closet, two bathrooms, and a balcony.

Frost, 52, told the Daily Mail: "I don't really see it as a place to sleep or watch TV, it's really about having ownership of this ship.

"The ship itself is somewhere between a luxury yacht and a cruise ship because the design and what will be on the ship is actually incredible, you're buying into this floating city vision."

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People who live on board permanently will get access to medical services, a farmer's market, private kitchens, a gym and spa, 24-hour room service, and a co-working space.

There will also be 20 restaurants and bars on board, a swimming pool, a school, a library, a bank, a cinema as well as a champagne and whisky bar.

She added: "The other thing that was so incredibly appealing to me is that the world is enormous.

"There are all these things I want to see and want to do, and spending the money when you travel, it becomes wildly expensive to travel to most of the globe."

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Friends and family of the couple have questioned why they've spent some much money on the small cabin.

However, the couple said the cabin has since been valued at $4.3million (£3.4million), despite not setting sail until 2025.

While it may seem like an eye-watering price, Misty and Dean aren't the only people who've bought an apartment on a cruise ship.

Austin Wells has also bought a studio flat on the MV Narrative.

Instead of forking out millions, Wells paid $300,000 (£246,465) for a 12-year lease, which was cheaper than buying in San Diego where he lives.

Wells, 28, told CBNC: "The thing that most excites me is I don’t have to upend my daily routine, in order to go see the world.

"This is probably the first time ever that there is even the ability to have a standard job and even consider working and living from a floating apartment complex."

The cruise ship will be home to around 1,000 residents when it launches in 2025.

Storylines boss Punton expects the ship to be docked at each port for around three to five days.

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Passengers can expect to explore bucket-list destinations such as Rome, Naples and Venice as well as the seaside towns of Spari and Marsala.

Wells isn't the only one buying a flat on the ship – Meredith Shay, a former flight attendant, has booked a room on the new ship too.

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