CROOKS are flogging fake “fit to fly” Covid certificates.

The dangerous trade has exploded because many firms are charging fees of more than £200 for PCR tests.

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The “rip-off” prices, which the Government is trying to help bring down, mean many families face shelling out around £1,000 extra to be allowed to travel on ­holiday this summer.

So scammers are selling counterfeit documents looking just like the real thing.

As well as the risk of arrest, people using fake certificates could also transport the virus at a time officials are desperate to reduce infection rates.

Tory MP David Morris said: “These scammers are putting the lives and health of others at risk to make a quick buck. They must be stopped immediately.

“At the same time, the Government must work with the airlines to bring down these costs for testing.”

Crooks we found charge a lot less than the average £141 for real ones. They sell them online and even at airports.

Cops have already smashed a racket at Luton.

Gangs have been caught across Europe. Europol warns criminals will scale up their activities when restrictions ease next month.

A Government source said: “The idea of people flying around the world without being tested properly is the Government’s worst nightmare — that’s why ministers want affordable PCR tests in place by the time the skies reopen.”


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