FOR many parents the bank holiday is the last weekend for a family holiday.

But this summer has shown us that travelling can be a total nightmare, with cancellations, delays and other problems affecting holidaymakers.

Dad Karl Young of The Yorkshire Dad has revealed his top tips on travelling with little one – and how to avoid the chaos.

Keep children as preoccupied as possible

The main thing to do is make sure you have enough toys and

He said: “Before we travel, I ensure all electronic devices are fully charged, and we have chargers within reaching distance if needed.

"We bolster our snacks, games and books/magazine supplies before we arrive at the airport, which helps us ensure that we always have something ready."

Split your luggage

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, finding out your case has been lost and spending the rest of your holiday without any luggage.

However, you can take steps when packing to reduce the chance of being caught short without your holiday clothes.

If you’re travelling as a family, rather than packing one suitcase per person, spread your clothes and personal belongings across all your suitcases, with a few of everyone’s items in each.

This way, if one suitcase goes missing, you’ll still have access to some of your clothes and essentials in another.  

Another clever tip is to buy some Apple AirTags, or a similar tracker they can be attached to suitcases and connected to your smartphone, allowing you to keep tabs on your case and help pinpoint its exact location if lost. 

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Be smart with the items you take onto the plane 

If you’re an over-packer and struggle to get everything in your suitcase, check your airline’s stipulations to find out what additional items you’re allowed to take on the plane.

Most allow a reasonably large carry-on bag, and you can buy bags that match the exact size requirements to ensure you get as much space as possible.

A personal item, such as a handbag or pillow, is usually allowed. For most airlines, each ticketed passenger is allowed a carry-on bag and personal item, so if you’re travelling with children, ensure you’re making the most of the bags you’re allowed. 

Make it an adventure 

If you’re stressed, your children will likely pick up on it. Instead, try to cultivate an air of excitement around the trip.

From the airport to the plane, treat the journey like an adventure your children can get excited about.

For a child, airports can be incredibly fun places, with loads of new things to see and do, so try to suppress any stress you may be feeling and make a game of the journey.

You’ll help keep the boredom at bay and have a much happier time.

Look at twilight baggage drop  

If the idea of queuing to drop bags off with restless kids is stressful, check to see whether your airport offers any baggage drop-off options.

Many airports allow you to drop off bags the night before, meaning you don’t have to queue with bored children on the day of your flight.

While this tip works best for those who live nearby or are staying onsite at the airport, it can drastically reduce travel stress and waiting times.  

Consider your flight times

Planes can be stressful for children. In an ideal world, they’ll sleep through most of the flight.

Try to encourage this by travelling at night if possible. This way, you can tire them out with fun activities during the afternoon and, with any luck, they’ll doze throughout the flight.

This will also help ensure their usual bedtime routine isn’t too disrupted by the trip, helping you settle back into things as seamlessly as possible once you arrive at your destination. 

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