UNFORTUNATE guests at Disney World said they suffered "torture" after getting stuck on the It's a Small World ride for an hour – WITH the music playing the whole time.

Anyone who's been on the It's a Small World ride will know just how quickly it takes for the catchy tune to become incredibly annoying.

The ditty loops over and over again as small boats slowly travel between different rooms depicting different nations, with animatronic puppets singing along.

For most people, the ride lasts no more than 15 minutes, however visitors to the Disney World park in Florida recently had to endure the song for close to an hour, as the boats they were on stopped working.

Footage captured by TikToker Hazeysmom22 shows the moment the boats stopped still in the middle of the ride, with park visitors looking bewildered.

The video captioned "We were stuck for over an hour, the torture" has been viewed over 7,000 times with several people expressing sympathy for the people stuck on the boats.

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One asked: "Please tell me they at least turned the song off."

The person who originally shared the video responded, saying: "They didn’t realize for like 45 mins, everyone was on a boat so we sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!! TORTURE."

The song is so catchy, that one Tiktok user got it stuck in their head, simply by watching the video.

They said: "Oh great, now I have the song stuck in my mind and I wasn’t even there!"

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Another wrote: "So the song will forever be stuck in your head now??

"I rode it for 2 minutes and it took two weeks to get it out of my brain."

Not everyone who got stuck on the ride had a bad time however, despite the music.

Another park guest who claimed to have been snagged at the same time said it gave them a chance to have a much-needed break.

They said: "We were on these boats. This definitely wasn't torturous we got to take a nap and cool down and eat snacks. Plus we got 2 lightning passes."

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