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TRAVELLING by using an aircraft is a quicker way of getting across the UK, despite the obvious costs.

However, what identification do you need to board a domestic flight? Here's what we know.

Do I need a passport to fly within the UK?

If you are flying solely within the UK, including Northern Ireland, technically you don't need a passport, but it is advisable to bring some form of ID in case you are asked at certain points of the journey.

The rules may vary between airlines, so it is important to check their rules beforehand to avoid disappointment.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) states on their website: "Some airlines accept photo driving licences and other forms of ID for domestic flights, but many don’t so check your airlines website when you book your flights.

"If you turn up with the wrong type of ID you will not be able to fly and you are unlikely to get your money back."


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Can I travel with an expired passport?

As you don't require a passport to travel between the UK countries, you can travel with an expired passport as your personal information on it.

You can use any documents that show your identity or nationality, which can include an expired passport.

It is important to note that this will not be allowed when travelling outside of the UK, with the exception of Ireland, which is accepts other form of ID from people travelling form England, Scotland or Wales.

What other form of ID can I bring?

According to GOV.UK, there are a variety of different forms of identification that you can use to fly within the UK, including:

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  • a passport (current or expired)
  • proof that you’ve been given British citizenship – such as a UK citizenship certificate
  • a Gibraltar identity card (current or expired)
  • a copy of your passport or Gibraltar identity card that clearly shows your identity and nationality

You can use more than one document – for example, a driving licence with a citizenship certificate.

If you’re using an expired passport or identity card, it must be recent enough that it’s clear that it’s yours.

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