A HILARIOUS new advert about the joys of the great British seaside has gone viral. 

In a tongue-in-cheek pastiche of classic films including Sexy Beast, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Ellie Diamond has teamed up with hotel booking platform hoo to persuade Brits to ditch sun drenched foreign climes in favour of sampling the delights of Great Yarmouth. 

In the side-splitting video, the Scottish drag race star frolics around her favourite attractions, pops open a bottle of bubbly next to the Great Yarmouth Big Wheel and takes a ride on a mini train to explore the east coast resort.   

As schools break up for the summer holidays, the advert was made to remind Brits of the allure of Norfolk’s sandy crown in the jewel, instead of heading to crowded tourist hotspots in Devon or Cornwall and includes the famous Venetian Waterways pedalos, the famous ‘Golden Mile’ beach and Caesar's Arcade.

Ellie said: "Are you in need of a goddamn break?” Forget what you know about those insta influencers in Dubai.

"What you need is a staycation – seaside, some fresh air and a punnet of chips!

“Although we are mega fuming about it, summer 2021 is about the ‘Great British Holiday’. And in my books there is only one place to go… Great Yarmouth of course! Stunning beaches, amusements, attractions and the friendly locals!”  

New research has revealed that Ellie isn’t the only person opting to stay in the UK for a sunny break as a whopping 91 per cent said they have had already booked a holiday in Britain and 40 per cent said they have opted for a trip to the coast rather than a city, sightseeing or glamping break.  

Digital travel innovator hoo has launched this summer by dedicating itself to the great British seaside, in an attempt to get the UK travel market back on its feet this summer after the darkest period in recent history for the industry.  

Co-Founder of hoo, Adrian Murdock commented: “Before the pandemic, British seaside destinations were generally experiencing steady economic growth and Great Yarmouth was no different, with nearly half a million visitors a year bringing £116m into the local economy.

"However the impact of COVID in 2020 changed all that, with a 56% drop in total annual spend at these coastal resorts.”   

“This past year has been a truly savage time for hoteliers, but there are better times ahead. We want to push as many eyes as possible to our sunny seasides – with Great Yarmouth being a particular favourite. 

"Holidaymakers should look again at these places – Great Yarmouth is cool – not just for this summer but also in future years as well. We hope our campaign helps play a small part in the recovery.”   

Duncan McKenna, hoo’s Global Marketing Director, added: “Our motto is ‘upgrade your experience’ and this summer we have a bevvy of activities which takes this to the next level.

"Launching a hotel booking brand during this time has never been so challenging and yet so rewarding. Our Great Yarmouth campaign will be seen across all channels, with a particular focus on social.

"Our ‘Hoomans of Great Yarmouth’ series is becoming a fast favourite for the team.”    

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