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BRITS could be losing as much as £100 when returning from their holiday abroad without realising.

And with families trying to make their money go further right now, experts have revealed how to avoid being stung.

Research by Currensea found that Brits leave on average £55.20 on their pre-paid travel card when returning from a holiday.

Pre-paid travel cards are often used by holidaymakers who want to take money abroad but not risk using their bank cards, in case it gets lost or stolen.

However, one in five holidaymakers between 18 and 34 lost the most, with up to £100 left on the cards.

James Lynn, co-Founder of Currensea, said that Brits are sitting on "unused spending money".

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"Whilst travellers can withdraw what is left on their pre-paid cards once they return from holiday, many are likely to forget the high fees they’ll face mean that it’s not worth exchanging."

"Unfortunately, many of these cards simply get stuck in a drawer at home and travellers are losing huge sums.”

Prepaid cards are often used by Brits who don't want to risk losing their money if they misplace their card.

However, James said that instead, many banks now allow travellers to freeze their cards – meaning they are protected as soon as they realise they have been lost.

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It isn't the only way you could lose money when you next head on holiday.

Brits are being warned to check airport drop off and pick up charges before they go on holiday – or risk paying up to £100 in fines.

Nancy Connolly fell victim to the drop off charge when she drove to Bristol Airport.

However, there are some things you can get for free when travelling.

We've rounded up the five things you can get for free at airports.

And if you are travelling with kids, lots of restaurants at Heathrow even offer free meals for them.

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