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AN EASYJET passenger has slammed the airline after the sandwich he was given looked almost nothing like the one advertised.

Plane meals are rarely, if ever, the most appealing dishes, but sometimes they disappoint even more than normal.

Passenger Frank Tichborne was left feeling short-changed over the festive period when he ordered easyJet's Christmas sandwich.

An appetising picture of the buttie on the plane made it look like Frank would be in for a real treat, filled with turkey, bacon, stuffing, spinach and cranberry sauce.

However, the sandwich that arrived looked very little like the one in the airline's photo.

In a post on public Facebook group 'Easyjet Complaints Process – Not so Easy' the passenger shared pictures of both what he ordered and what he received.

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He wrote: "Do I need to explain my disappointment?

"The Turkey and bacon were so thin, the only taste coming through the white sliced bread was the stuffing!"

Other people were as shocked as Frank, with one commenting: "I'd have given it back and asked for a refund."

A second said: "At least something that slightly resembles what you thought you were buying would be nice. That looks anaemic."

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Another simply added: "Awful…just like easyJet."

However, others were far less sympathetic and said Frank shouldn't have expected anything else.

One said: "What did you expert. Haute cuisine?"

Another wrote: "Anyone who buys food on the plane needs their head looking at."

Sun Online Travel has contacted easyJet for comment.

Frank was perhaps a little fortunate that his sandwich was just a bit disappointing – with one passenger finding what they thought was a fried cockroach in their meal with Air Vistara.

Nikul Solanki was flying from Mumbai to Bangkok at the end of August when he found something unusual in his in-flight food.

The passenger took a photo of what looked to be a creepy crawly of some kind, and shared it to Twitter, with the caption: "Small cockroach in air Vistara meal."

The airline responded and insisted that their food was prepared "keeping the highest standards of quality in mind" and asked for Nikul's details so they could look into the issue.

The next day, Vistara claimed that they had sent a sample of his meal to a laboratory, where it had been thoroughly tested following Mr Solanki's complaint during the flight.

According to the airline, the tests revealed the suspect item to be nothing more than sautéed ginger.

Had it turned out to be a cockroach, it still might not be the worst thing to have been found in a plane meal this year.

During the summer a horrified flight steward discovered a snake head in their in-flight dinner.

The SunExpress cabin crew member recorded the horror find and shared it online – prompting an immediate response from the airline.

The attendant was on a Ankara to Dusseldorf flight when they tore open their meal to find a snake head staring right at them.

SunExpress – which is based in Antalya, Turkey, and flies across Europe and the Mediterranean – said the state of food was "absolutely unacceptable".

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