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BRITS heading to Europe on holiday this year will need to follow a number of new rules.

One of those is needing a visa waiver to enter countries in the EU.

We've explained everything you need to know such as how much they cost to how to get one.

Do I need a visa to travel to Europe?

Later this year, Brits will need to have a 'visa-waiver' to go on holiday to countries in Europe called the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS).

This is similar to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) required to visit the US.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 will need an ETIAS from November 2023.

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All arrivals will need one, whether arriving by plane, boat or car, and is even needed if just transiting through Europe.

It applies to countries in the Schengen Area – the 26 European states include popular hotspots such as France, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

This visa only applies if visiting for less than 90 days – longer than this will require different visas.

How do I get a visa for Europe?

A new website for the ETIAS applications will be launched in November 2023, but it is not yet live.

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You will need to apply online before travelling, at least 96 hours before departure.

Applicants will be asked for information about their identity, passport, education, job, recent travel, and criminal convictions.

European officials claim around 95 per cent off applications will be successful in minutes, but there is a risk of it being denied so will need to launch an appeal.

How much does the Europe visa cost?

The ETIAS visa will cost €7 (£6.10) and lasts for three years or until your passport expires.

The new visa system was meant to be rolled out last year, but was delayed by the new European Union Entry and Exit System (EES) system being rolled out across Europe later this year as well.

The new digital system will check the person’s name, biometric data and the date and place of entry and exit, and will replace the stamping of passports and instead scan the documents.

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