Ex-Love Islander winners Kai and Sanam reveal holiday dos and don'ts – including whether they hog the sunloungers | The Sun

DO you go away with your in-laws, hog the window seat or set an alarm on holiday?

Love Island winners Kai and Sanam have teamed up with Travel Republic to share their holiday dos and dont's – including whether they hog the sunbeds or not.

Explore on holiday?

They both agreed they were explorers with Sanam saying she had an "itinerary on holiday."

Kai added: "What's the point in going somewhere if you're not going to explore it and see what that place is famous for?"

Attempt the language?

Sanam said her top tip was to use Google Translate for speaking the language abroad.

However, she admitted: "I'd give it a go as I think it's polite but at the same time I don't want to be offensive."

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Book in advance?

The couple said they "definitely book in advance" with Sanam joking to do it as early as a year in advance.

Kai said avoiding the school holidays was also key to saving money.

Set an alarm?

The pair did not agree with setting alarms on holiday, with Sanam saying she did and Kai saying not to.

Reserve sunloungers?

Kai said he was "not one of those people up at 6am with a towel," as it was too much effort.

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However, he admitted he would remove someone else's towel if no one else was on it when he got there.

Go away with your in-laws?

They both said not only would they go on holiday with their in-laws, but they already had one planned.

Sanam added: "I like [Kai's] family!"

Work out?

Sanam admitted to working out on holiday.

She said: "I have actually, I've gone for runs with my friends when I've gone on holidays.

Phone free?

Kai said being phone free on holiday depended on "where they were in the world".

However, he also said: "I'm not about to go pay for extra data, I'm not spending money on that.

"I'm just going to live in the moment and use my phone as a camera."

Unpack your bags?

Neither of them said they ever unpack their suitcases on holiday.

Kai said: "I just open my suitcase and flop it open and that's me sorted!"

Travel essentials?

Kai said her hair products were her travel essentials.

She explained: "In hot countries, my hair goes humid so I have to have my hair products.

"It's stuff that I don't want to buy at the airport so have to carry that with me like my hair serum and hair straighteners."

Window seat?

Kai told Sanam why she should get the window seat instead of him.

She explained: "[Sanam] is a big guy so he'll be cramped, so I should have the side to rest my head on."

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Pay for luggage?

Sanam said there was "no way" he was paying for a suitcase.

He joked: "I'll just be taking my rucksack, folding my clothes up, putting a hair bobble around it and squidging it in."

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