AN EXPERT has revealed who gets priority over the overhead bin on planes after people were filmed arguing over locker space on a flight.

The battle for overhead space is one of the more infuriating aspects of travelling, with people bringing on more luggage than there's room for in the overheads.

Recently the lack of space got the better of a couple of people on a flight, as they were seen arguing over whose case should go in the storage unit.

A video shared to Reddit showed the pair squabbling with one another, apparently following a dispute over the room for their luggage.

One user commented: "Never get between two couples fighting over luggage space, regardless of their religion, heritage, or ethnicity. That’s some life and death stuff right there."

But there are few clear rules to follow around who has priority over the overhead lockers.

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That's why Travel Editor Lindsay Rogers provided her guidance to travellers, to try and prevent future arguments like the one caught on camera.

According to Rogers, in an article for Inside Hook, she said that no one is entitled to overhead space and that the bins should work on a first-come, first-served basis.

She also clarifies that that is the case, even if someone sitting elsewhere on the plane is using the bin above your seat.

She wrote: "Overhead storage is available on a first-come, first-served basis. That’s true across most carriers

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"It may be annoying, particularly when someone has room above their own seat and still, for reasons unclear, has opted for yours, or when you’re invariably forced to check your carry-on because there’s no more space on the aircraft, you aren’t entitled to anything."

Lindsay also pointed out that passengers should never touch other people's luggage and instead they should ask cabin crew for assistance.

She added: "It is never, ever okay to move someone else’s bag. While you’re always welcome to ask the closest flight attendant for help, 'no touch' is generally a good rule of thumb to follow."

Passengers have previously been urged to be mindful of other people when getting on board and using the overhead bins.

Flight attendant Nancy Lee told Travel Awaits: "If you are the first person on the plane, remember that the overhead bin isn’t all for you.

"Don’t put everything you own up there, even if you have long legs.

"Put one bag up there, and stow any second smaller item you have under the seat in front of you."

She said that parents flying with young kids can make the most of their short legs by putting their bags under the seat in front of them, such as backpacks and smaller luggage.

Lara Ketterman, who has been a flight attendant for 38 years, agreed, saying she feels like she is "playing Tetris" with all of the bags when trying to get them to close.

She added: "If someone has a large, heavy bag and they tell me they cannot lift it, I find a big, strong person and offer them a free drink to help."

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Meanwhile, a flight attendant has revealed the question you should never ask them about the overhead lockers.

And this passenger was seen putting their toddler in the luggage bins.

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