BRITS hoping for a Christmas in New York or a trip to Disney World this year have had their hopes dashed as the US is likely to delay the reopening to Brits.

Last month, UK travellers were given fresh hope that they could soon return to the US, with an end to the border ban which has been in place since March 2020.

Boris Johnson, who was lobbying for restrictions to be lifted ahead of a visit with President Biden, hailed the breakthrough as “a fantastic boost for business and trade, and great that family and friends on both sides of the pond can be reunited once again”.

The White House previously said that fully vaxxed tourists would be allowed to enter the US from “early November".

However, sources have since warned that talks between the UK and the US have stalled, with Biden still yet to give an exact date for reopening.

They told the Telegraph: "It would still happen by November 1 if they really prioritised it, and the political will is there, but it does look increasingly like this will be delayed a bit."

However, they added: "I think a line will be crossed if this is not sorted by Thanksgiving on November 25."

Despite this, a source from the Biden administration said the rule change was still "slated for early November".

When it does go ahead, it is likely that tourists will have to have proof of both jabs as well as a negative Covid test before boarding a flight.

It was not clear if unjabbed kids will be able to travel with vaccinated parents.

People from the US can already visit the UK, after the travel restrictions were lifted.

And the UK has lifted some of the strict travel rules this week, with the green and amber list scrapped, and only the red list remaining.

This is likely to be reduced later today, with the 54 countries expected to be changed to as few as nine.

Brits also no longer need a pre-arrival Covid test when returning from a country abroad, and later this month, can take a lateral flow on day two instead of a PCR test.

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