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A TOURIST was left fuming after every single one of the sunbeds at his all-inclusive resort was booked before 8am.

The man claimed he'd seen other guests get into fights over the loungers and said he had to get up at six in the morning in order to reserve one.

Tiktoker Mark Wolters (@woltersworld) was on holiday in the Dominican Republic, staying at an all inclusive resort.

In a video he filmed early in the morning, he spoke of his frustration at how he was unable to get a bed by the pool because they had all been "snaked" by other guests.

The video, titled "WARNING: All inclusive resort does not come with a guarantee of a poolside chair. Be ready for that" shows Mark standing beside the reserved sun loungers.

He said: "The worst thing about all inclusive resorts is people that snake all the chairs at 08:00 in the morning.

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"I'm here in the Dominican Republic and literally I've walked around just to see how many of the chairs are taken.

"Every single chair has a book, has a towel, has something on there that people are reserving for later in the day.

"So if you want to make sure you have a seat, apparently you've got to get up at six in the morning to get yourself a spot.

"Because literally, I've walked through here just to check and everything is taken, so do be aware of that.

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"It's very annoying. I've actually seen people get into fights by moving people's stuff.

"So do be aware of that. Even though it's all inclusive, apparently the all inclusive does not guarantee you a seat at the pool."

The video has been seen almost 900,000 times since it was shared, with other people equally as annoyed as Mark.

One wrote: "Resorts need to stop allowing this."

Another said: "There needs to be stricter rules about not reserving chairs."

A third added: "What is wrong with people?"

Sunbed wars are nothing new, but etiquette experts have tried to make things better for holidaymakers by explaining the rules for reserving the loungers.

Renowned etiquette expert, William Hanson, believes there is a 30-minute grace period on poolside reservations.

This is where hotel guests can use a towel or a book to reserve a spot for no longer than half an hour.

He told Sun Online Travel: "In the morning, at the start of the day, and you're by the pool after breakfast, then it's fine at 8.30 to put your towel on the bed to reserve your spot."

Others, like Laura Akano, the Principal Coach and Trainer at Polished Manners, claims that guests shouldn't be able to reserve the beds if the resort doesn't have a system in place specifically for bookings.

She told Sun Online Travel: "I think it should be a first come first serve basis – if the resort doesn't have a booking system.

"You shouldn't be hogging a sunlounger all day, it's bad manners especially in communal spaces where people should be sharing their resources."

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Meanwhile, a mum was left fuming by "ignorant and selfish" Brits who were reserving sun loungers at the campsite she was staying at.

And William Hanson also revealed how guests can get their hotel room upgraded.

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