Our spidey-senses are tingling!

Tom Holland is giving fans a first look at Disneyland Resort's new ride, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, for which the actor is reprising his role as Peter Parker.

The ride, which will open as part of the Avengers Campus sometime this year, invites fans to join Parker inside the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB) to develop innovative technologies to "equip and empower a new generation of Super Heroes," according to Disney Parks Blog.

"What Disney Imagineers have created is pretty spectacular," Holland shared in the first-look clip above. "When I first joined playing Spider-Man, I went to Avengers Headquarters and it was just a bunch of green screens. So the fact that there's going to be a legit place where people can go and visit is pretty awesome."

Holland, 24, said that he is "super excited" for fans to explore the new ride and to "experience it for [himself]."

The actor explained that the Web Slingers ride will begin with Peter Parker giving a presentation of a new piece of technology: the WEB Slinger vehicle.

"He's going to be giving a tour and something goes wrong and he needs everybody to help him out to save the day," Holland said.

According to the Disney blog, passengers will be given 3D glasses for the ride and "through specially designed, innovative technology that recognizes body movements and gestures, you will reach out your hands and sling webs from your wrists, just like Spider-Man."

"For me, personally, it's the most I've ever felt like Spider-Man," Holland said of the ride. "So everyone is gonna get to share that experience, which is so awesome. So I'm just really excited for it to open and I want to go ride it again with all the fans.

Last month, the official Disney fan club, D23, shared a post on their site confirming that Disneyland's California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, will finally open their highly anticipated Avengers Campus in 2021.

The new campus was originally scheduled to open in the summer of 2020 and there was even a media preview in March. However, the onset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic pushed it back as Disney parks around the world were forced to close down operations.

The fan club did not give an exact date for the campus's grand opening, as Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park have remained closed since March 2020 and do not yet have a reopening date.

Disney officials previously said the land would be a place where fans can live out their superhero dreams in a fully immersive park that mixes innovative technology with fun.

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