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EVERYONE dreads the moment your luggage is placed on the scales and you find out if you're going to have to splurge on your overweight bags.

But with these five top tips to avoid baggage costs when flying, you're all set for a stress-free trip.

What's more, there's one big thing to look out for – sneaky stealth costs.

So-called "baggage tax" means often a flight that appears cheap costs much more – simply because you add the cost of luggage on later.

With costs such as “guaranteed cabin baggage”, it's no surprise jet-setters are resorting to sneaky tactics themselves.

But what exactly does this mean?

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Well, passengers flying with must now pay an additional fee if they want to guarantee their hand luggage does not end up in the hold.

On busy flights it has become common for airlines to ask people to hand over their carry-on bags so they can be stored with checked luggage below. is now charging passengers prices from £2.59 each way to guarantee they can travel with their hand luggage.  

The airline's “guaranteed cabin baggage” option is offered to customers just before they purchase their tickets online.

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There are a few simple way to save these extra pennies.

Five budget-friendly luggage hacks

1 Buy any toiletries once you are at the airport, rather than bringing them from home.

Purchase these after check-in and security to free up your weight allowance for other items.

2 Don’t be tricked into into buying baggage “packages.”

It’s usually more cost-effective to buy a single hold bag at 23kg for the whole family later on – pack light.

3 Make the most of what you've got.

So if you have kids, use any items you're allowed to take on board as extra storage — put clothes in the car seat carrier or buggy bag.

Some airlines even offer sports equipment add-ons that are not weighed. You can fit a decent amount into a big golf or gym bag…

4 Carry things yourself.

Your laptop, phone and other devices can stay in your hands or pockets.

Kids could even carry bulky toys.

Keep an extra foldable bag in your hand luggage and re-jig your bag once on the flight.

5 Buy an expert bag.

Some backpacks have way bigger capacity than your basic handbag or packback, so be sure to pack smart with this savvy trick.

There are plenty of other nifty hacks for travelling in style.

This travel expert revealed how to always get a row to yourself when flying.

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