A FLIGHT attendant has revealed that cabin crew often choose not to adapt to different time zones whenever they travel.

Dealing with jet lag is one of the downsides of going on long haul trips, but flight attendants Kris Major and Allie Malis have learnt a number of ways to get over it.

One of the more peculiar methods is to just avoid adapting to the new time zone completely and continue as you would back home.

While that may cause some problems for travellers in the country they're visiting, the flight attendants say it avoids prolonged periods of tiredness after each flight.

Annie told 7news.com.au: “You might only be travelling for a few days, it’s going to create jet lag when you adjust to the new time zone and jet lag again when you get back a few days later.

“So possibly staying on your home timezone might be helpful.”

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Kris also suggests having a short nap on arrival to help you feel better, but warns against having a big sleep.

He said: “Don’t just sleep your way through, you’re not helping your own body clock to readjust your circadian rhythm."

But the trick isn't for everyone, with travel experts at viewfromthewing.com claiming the best strategy is to adjust to the local time when you board the plane.

They suggest eating and sleeping as if it's the time at your destination from the moment you board.

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Having your meals at the times you will be once you arrive can help your body adjust, making it easier for you to get your body in sync.

Other people suggest adjusting to jet lag before they even arrive at the airport.

Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy said: "Change your bedtime in line with the destination’s time zone before you travel.

"So, gradually move your bedtime earlier if you're flying east, and slowly move your bedtime later if you’re flying west." 

Meanwhile, you can now get tablets to help you adjust to jet lag.

And having a certain seat on the plane can help you adjust to new time zones more easily.

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