A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the big mistake that most passengers make before they get on planes.

Flights can often end up getting delayed at a moment's notice, leaving passengers in a tricky position.

However, one of the few things that can help calm the situation is packing snacks in carry-on luggage.

Flight attendant and Tiktoker Cierra Mistt (@Cierra_mistt) revealed how putting a few simple treats in your bag can make such a big difference during a delay.

In a video she said: "I'll make sure that I always have my own snacks and water whenever I get on a plane.

"You never know when you're going to have a huge delay where flight attendants are instructed to not hand out snacks or drink until a certain amount of time has passed.

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"And that's only if the door is closed. On some flights, especially the shorter ones, it's at the flight attendants' discretion if they want to provide a service or not.

"Especially on the short flights, because normally there's not even time to get everything prepared for a service."

While some passengers pack simple things like crisps or sweets in their hand luggage.

However, passenger Seema Pankhania took things a step further by bringing a tub of instant noodles with her.

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In a video on TikTok Seema is seen asking the flight attendant for hot water so she can make the snack on board.

She tells the viewers: "If you're flying and you hate plane food, make sure you take a pot noodle with you."

Seema then adds the sauce that comes with the noodles, as well as butter from her unwanted plane meal.

She also keeps the bread roll from her in-flight food to dunk into the noodle broth.

Some users were very impressed with the idea, saying they would try it themselves.

One wrote: "I cant wait to go on a plane again just to do this, I wanna eat spicy noodles on a plane."

Another said: "I'm a frequent flyer and WHY have I never thought of this."

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