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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a secret snack you can order on some planes – you just need to ask.

Most people think that plane food is either bland or completely disgusting, but they're not always right.

Flight attendants are showing that passengers can get a bit more creative with the food on board, including a special dessert that they sometimes make for themselves.

A cabin crew member and Tiktoker (@flynyc) showed how she makes a makeshift chocolate fondue on her planes, as a tasty mid-flight snack.

In a video, she is first seen getting squares of chocolate and puts them in a small bowl.

She then puts that bowl in the plane's oven and waits for the chocolate to melt.

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While waiting, she chops a banana into small slices, so she has something to dip into the chocolate.

Other attendants commented on the video that has now been seen more than a million times.

Those who had tried it said it was one of their favourite things to eat on board.

One said: "It’s literally the best part of the flight."

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Another wrote: "I have dreams about that Swiss airline chocolate."

A passenger added: "Gonna ask for chocolate fondue the next time I fly."

The chocolate fondue isn't the only snack flight attendants can help passengers make.

Another cabin crew member told Sun Online Travel that they are always more than happy to make instant cup noodles for the people on their flights.

They said: "We love a good self caterer on board and we're more than happy to fill up pot noodles or any other just-add-water type snacks if you bring them on board.

"A lot of staff tend to bring them too because they're cheap lunches that are simple to make and generally a bit tastier than other options.

"For some of our Far Eastern flights we have cup noodles loaded on board and that's pretty much all we do on the flight, just fill them up and pass them out.

"There've been times when I've spent as much as six hours in the air just filling up noodle cups on repeat.

"It makes the meal service really easy."

Passenger Seema Pankhania did exactly that and filmed the moment she brought a tub of instant noodles on her flight with her.

In a video on TikTok Seema is seen asking the flight attendant for hot water so she can make the snack on board.

She tells the viewers: "If you're flying and you hate plane food, make sure you take a pot noodle with you."

Seema then adds the sauce that comes with the noodles, as well as butter from her unwanted plane meal.

She also keeps the bread roll from her in-flight meal to dunk into the noodle broth.

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Meanwhile, this flight attendant revealed what you should eat to stay nourished on board planes.

And this man was filmed eating a really strange snack during a flight.

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