A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the sneaky way to avoid paying for overweight baggage at the airport.

Most airlines will weigh your suitcase when you check in.

This can be a big pain for anyone trying to fly with just hand luggage, as a lot has to be crammed into the bag.

Caroline Kneitz works as a flight attendant for Emirates, and shared how to avoid this with a cheeky trick.

She told MailOnline: "My top tip when it comes to luggage is to always check in online or via an app before heading to the airport.

"If you go to a counter at the airport it is likely that they will check the size of your hand luggage and weigh it.

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"If you check in before the airport, you can waltz straight through security and to the gate, where it is very unlikely a staff member will weigh the bag."

However she warns travellers flying with budget airlines that this doesn't always work.

This is because they are much stricter with the baggage rules so run the risk of checking them at the gate.

If your luggage is overweight, you can try to redistribute it among the group you're travelling with.

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Or you can do what one woman did and pile on as many clothes as possible to bring the weight of the luggage down.

Another traveller revealed a sneaky method to avoiding extra costs.

Spotted at the airport by a stranger, the man was caught using his foot to hold his suitcase up, meaning it would weigh less.

And one man was caught on video so intent on making his bag fit in the sizer, he kicked and shoved the bag only for it to get stuck.

But there is some good news for hand luggage travellers.

Passengers will soon be allowed to take two litres worth of liquids in their hand luggage under a major relaxation of airport rules.

The 100ml limit will be binned along with the ban on large electrical items like laptops and tablets by 2024.

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