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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the most annoying thing passengers when the plane has touched down.

After nine years working as a flight attendant, Jason Rushworth has met many annoying passengers.

He recently shared the harsh reality of being a flight attendant, including the most infuriating thing passengers immediately do when the plane has landed.

He told MyLondon: "If you are flying any time soon, don’t be in such a hurry to leave the aircraft unless it's an emergency.

"Many times I had to spring out of my jumpseat and run down the cabin slamming all the overhead lockers because we were still taxiing as a moving aircraft and bags were falling on passengers heads.

"I slammed one so hard once that the hinge snapped and we could not fly back until it was repaired."

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In addition to this bugbear, Jason has had to help free two trapped passengers who got locked in the loo when trying to join the mile high club.

The handy flight attendant used a screwdriver to take the door off his hinges, which caused quite the commotion.

Jason isn't the only cabin crew member who has dished the dirt on passengers.

Ex-Emirates flight attendant Jay Robertsrevealed the worst thing that passengers do when they board the plane.

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He told MailOnline: "The main thing that a passenger can do to start out on the wrong foot is avoiding eye contact or ignoring a basic greeting when I say hello to them.

"Besides being rude, it disrespects the crew's role as safety professionals."

Meanwhile another flight attendant revealed they hate it when passengers ask for water while boarding.

They explained: "Bottom line – we don't find it cute, when you stop us from what we're doing to crack open the seals on the water and cups for a single glass of water."

Here are the three etiquette rules that all passengers should follow, including who gets to claim the armrests.

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