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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the "sweet" way they helped put a person who was afraid of flying at ease.

A lot of people are afraid of air travel and use a number of different methods to relax when getting on planes.

One older lady's method really paid off for her, as it resulted in her getting freebies, courtesy of the pilot.

In a thread on Reddit, flight attendants were discussing their best methods for making passengers more comfortable, particularly those with a fear of flying.

One explained how the flight crew and the captain all pitched in to make the woman's journey less stressful.

She wrote: "One instance that sticks out to me was before boarding the agent asked me as the flight crew lead & our pilots if a scared passenger, an older lady, could come and meet us.

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"I had no issue with it, she just wanted to see who was in control.

"Luckily it was a really handsome captain and first officer, who were also very friendly.

"They talked about their training and the pilot let her wear his hat.

"She was almost crying going in, but laughing coming out. The captain said, 'give her whatever she wants to drink, it's all on me'."

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Fortunately for the pilot it didn't end up costing him very much at all, as all the lady wanted was a cuppa.

However, their friendliness had the desired effect.

The flight attendant continued: "All she wanted was hot tea. They were really sweet to her and she had no issues on the six hour flight."

Other flight attendants were really impressed with the story, with another describing it as "really sweet".

Not every passenger is quite as easily calmed however, with others having to be removed from planes.

The same attendant recalled: "I've also had someone need to be removed from the flight in a wheelchair before the door closed.

"She was freaking out, screaming & crying, she was terrified that she was gonna die."

For anyone who is scared of flying, there is an easy way to get over it – and it involves jelly.

Pilot Tom Bunn explained that by imagining the air being like jelly, it can help reduce the fear.

TikToker Anna Paul explained how this works in a video where she put a balled-up napkin into a cup of jelly.

The napkin, representing the plane, didn't move, as the jelly, representing the air, kept it in place.

She shook the cup, to represent turbulence, but it still stayed in place.

Anna said: “It’s not going to automatically fall just because it’s shaking. You do not have to be scared."

One of the main things people worry about on planes is turbulence, but that's nothing to be scared about, according to pilot Eser Aksan E.

She told Sun Online Travel: "Stuff tossing around and people falling and stuff like that. That's the biggest problem for people when there's turbulence.

"That's the reason why people get hurt, but damage to the airplane isn't common.

"If you have encountered severe turbulence, you need to write that down and the mechanic needs to check to see if there is some external damage as well, but most of the time there is none."

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Meanwhile, these tips can help you prepare for a flight if you've got a fear of flying, including courses you can take to help you get over your phobia.

And this frequent flyer shared a really interesting method for feeling better about air travel.

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