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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a clever trick to get more room when flying in economy, without having to pay any extra.

Economy seats aren't the most comfortable and passengers will use any methods they can to get a bit more space.

Luckily, airline Swiss Air have set up a Tiktok account (@flyswiss) that provides handy hints and tips for passengers.

In one of their videos, they explain how people can get more room in plane seats, with just a button.

The armrest on the aisle seat makes sitting there quite restrictive for passengers.

However,there is a way to move the rest to get more room when sat in that seat.

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On some planes, the aisle armrest doesn't at first appear to lift up, but that's not necessarily the case.

Swiss Air revealed that there's a button on the underside of the armrest that lifts it up.

The attendant in the video said: "This is an easy travel hack for more comfort.

"Just like in the middle, you can also push up the outer armrest.

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"Simply press the button below so that you can easily get through."

The video has been seen more than 62,000 times, with people very pleased to hear the advice.

One said: "Found that several years ago and it was a game changer!"

A second wrote: "This makes the trip a lot more comfy."

A third added: "Thank you so much for this."

It's not just the aisle seat armrest that causes problems for passengers on planes.

The middle armrest is regularly the source of arguments between people.

Flight attendants have said that, if passengers are sat next to an armrest hog, they should inform their cabin crew.

In a thread on Reddit, one wrote: "It might seem like you’re bothering the flight attendants but in this situation where you’re literally in pain and uncomfortable don’t hesitate to ring the call light or act like you’re going to the bathroom, come to the galley and tell us.

"We can try and reseat you if there are open seats or if he gets aggressive with us then he can get off.

"I get there’s some discomfort that comes with the middle seat but man spreading and just being downright mean for no reason grinds my gears.

"Part of our job description is babysitting grown adults who forget how to act in a public setting. I’m sorry that happened to you and if it happens again don’t hesitate to let one of us know."

Another said: "I promise, you wouldn't be bothering us. Your comfort is just as important as anyone else's. We can't help if you don't let us know.

"As others have said we would reseat if there's anything available if not we'll have to have a good old fashioned polite chit chat with the gentleman about his elbows and his space.

"Who knows you may get a few extra snacks."

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