A FLIGHT attendant has shared a list of all the things passengers should never do on a plane – including footwear rules and seat etiquette.

Dani, who works as a flight attendant for Emirates, shared her top tips for passengers next time they fly.

She said the "first rule" is to never "go to the lavatory with no shoes on" – as they are rarely cleaned between flight turnaround.

A former flight attendant previously warned: "I promise you, 9 times out of 10, that is not water on the floor.

"The toilets are often absolutely disgusting and get deep cleaned only at the end of a route, for us this could be from one side of the world to the other… imagine how lovely they are at the end of a 12 hour flight with 200 people using them.”

It's also not safe to remove shoes during the flight – in the case of an emergency, passengers could be forced to walk down aisles with broken glass and debris, something made much harder without shoes.

Dani also warned passengers to never "use the tray table and TV without sanitising it first," for similar hygiene reasons.

While cabin crew do clean between flights, this rarely includes the tray tables and televisions due to the short amount of time they have.

Some passengers have previously been spotted using the tray tables as foot rests and even baby changing tables – before others then use them to eat.

A previous study by Skyscanner even found the tray table to be the dirtiest place on a plane, followed by the overhead air vent, the toilet flush button and the seatbelt buckle.

Her other pieces of advice are less about cleanliness and more about ettiqutte.

Dani says passengers should never "stand up as soon as the plane lands" despite most travellers doing this, as it is against rules enforced by the crew to remain seated until the seatbelt light is off.

The final piece of advice? Never join the mile high club.

While some airlines may turn a blind eye, according to Virgin boss Richard Branson, others could land you in hot water depending on the rules of the carrier.

Dani’s top tips for travelling

  • Never walk barefoot to the toilet
  • Never use the tray table and TV without cleaning them
  • Never stand up when the plane lands
  • Never join the mile high club

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