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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the item they always pack whenever they travel, in case of bad weather or just wanting a night in.

The small item goes a long way to making a hotel room feel like home.

When asked on Buzzfeed community what they never travel without, several flight attendants responded, with one focusing on spending time in their hotel room, rather than outside of it.

They said they would pack an Amazon Fire stick in their bag whenever they travelled, to let them watch their favourite TV shows abroad.

Cabin crew member Michelle said: "To keep up with my TV bingeing, I love that I bought an Amazon Fire stick.

"I just plug it into the TV and connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and you’re set to go. Almost all hotels have flat screens with HDMI ports now."

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The Fire stick provides access to streaming platforms like Netflix, or Amazon Prime, meaning travellers can watch television abroad without having to try and work out what's happening in foreign TV shows.

They're easy to set up as well, and only need the HDMI slot and a wall plug to get started.

What's more, VPNs can be downloaded on to the devices as well, so TV shows you usually get at home that aren't available in other countries can also be accessed.

In fact, Rach and Marty, who run the Very Hungry Nomads blog, never go abroad without having a VPN set up first.

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They recently completed their goal of visiting every single country in the world and provided their readers with some tips to make travelling easier and safer.

One of their recommendations was to get a VPN on all devices.

As well as protecting your personal data, VPNs can provide you with access to content that might be blocked in the country you're trying to view it in.

For instance, some streaming services can only be accessed from specific countries, while some places like China block access to certain social media sites.

The VPN allows you to browse as if you're not in those countries, meaning you can access everything you need to.

They continued: "Having a VPN is also useful for countries that have geo-restrictions or geo-blocks. With a VPN, you simply trick the website into thinking your location is different from where you actually are."

These four easy steps allow you to access iPlayer and other British streaming sites abroad.

Here are the seven best VPN services for 2022.

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