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FLYING can make some passengers completely ravenous, so it's understandable when a single in-flight meal doesn't satisfy those grumbles.

Passengers who are still hungry after the food service has ended will be relieved to know that there are ways of bagging more grub for free.

A traveller took to Quora to ask a burning question about their upcoming trip.

They wrote: "Can you ask for an extra plane meal after you finished your first one?"

In the comments one passenger had some inside intel they were keen to share.

On a flight from Europe to Asia, they'd asked a member of cabin crew what happens to the leftover meals.

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The flight attendant revealed that "any extra food is mostly dumped" so they prefer the grub to be eaten.

After their exchange, she gave the passenger some tips to ensure they get an extra meal free of charge.

She said: "Ask after [the] whole service is over, [so once] everyone is served.

"Be polite and submissive rather than demanding while asking, it makes the difference, especially when more people are asking and the crew has a right to decide."

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The flight attendant also revealed that there's plenty of competition for freebie meals among passengers.

She added: "You can quote some reason also, such as, your previous flight was delayed, you really liked [the food], [or that] you are still hungry.

"Try for some side dishes if the main dishes aren't available or reserved for Business class."

Other passengers shared their experiences of getting more grub for free.

One wrote: "I gobbled up the first one pretty quickly, gave a big smile, said thanks when she came to collect it and got a second meal pretty soon after."

Another added: "If you ask in the right way, it's definitely possible."

While many holidaymakers have secured a free meal, others have been given a firm no to freebies by airline staff.

It's also highly unlikely that budget airlines will be dishing out free food because their service is pay-as-you-go.

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Meanwhile another flight attendant has revealed the six freebies holidaymakers can nab on a flight including a cockpit tour and snacks.

Here are all the meals you can get for free at Heathrow airport.

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