Flight attendant warns passengers to 'never wear shorts' in plane

Air steward reveals why passengers should ‘never wear shorts’ on a plane

  • Cabin crew member has explained why holiday goers should never wear shorts 
  • Wearing them will guarantee you come into contact with some nasty stuff
  • He has also urged travelers never to touch the flush button it plane toilets 

Wearing your comfiest clothes on the plane might feel like a necessity. 

It may seem like a good idea to wear your joggers and an oversized hoodie, but a flight attendant has warned holiday-goers that there is one item of clothing that should never be worn on a flight.

In fact, according to cabin crew member Tommy Cimato, @tommycimato on TikTok, donning a pair of shorts, or even a skirt, is a really bad idea. 

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According to cabin crew member Tommy Cimato, @tommycimato on TikTok, donning a pair of shorts, or even a skirt, on a plane is a bad idea

And while it seems like the perfect outfit of choice to embrace the warmer weather as soon as you land, not many travelers will consider the other side of it.

In a video that has gone viral on the social media site, garnering over 650,000 views, the steward has explained why.    

Putting on a pair of shorts before boarding a flight guarantees that you will come into contact with the bacteria that lives on the plane and your seat.

The flight attendant compared leaning you head on the window with wearing shorts.

In the TikTok video, Mr Cimato explained the five things you should never do on a plane as a passenger.

In explaining why it is important flyers never wear shorts, he said: ‘Don’t, or try not to, wear shorts when you’re on an airplane.

‘It’s the same thing as the window – you never know how clean it’s going to be – so if you have pants, you’re going to have less germs.’ 

By wearing long trousers, passengers will avoid direct contact with the seat and will be more protected against germs on the plane.

The flight attendant also compared leaning your head on the window with wearing shorts.

He explained: ‘Do not fall asleep or lean your head on the window. You are not the only one that has done that and you don’t know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window.

‘It’s the same thing as the window, you never know how clean it’s going to be, so if you have pants, you’re going to have less germs.’

And according to the steward, the plane bathroom is considered one of the most dirtiest spots on the aircraft.

In fact, Mr Cimato told his TikTok followers that they should avoid touching the flush button.

The flight attendant also compared leaning you head on the window with wearing shorts

On his TikTok channel @tommycimato, the crew member shared his best advice and recommendations and urged passengers not to wear shorts on planes

He said: ‘Do not ever touch the flush button with your bare hands. It’s honestly just super unsanitary and pretty gross, so when you flush, use a napkin or tissue that’s in the lavatory.’

And TikTok users have thanked the cabin crew member for sharing his tips on the site.

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One person wrote: ‘Thank You for that advice.’

And a second TikTok user wrote: ‘Thanks for the tips.’

Meanwhile, one person said that they are always adequately dressed for their flight, writing: ‘i allways wear dresspands and a t-shirt and blazer when fling. soo comfy and lots of pockets and you look amazing.’ 

While others were left shocked to find that the plane is not cleaned as frequently as they thought, as one person wrote: ‘don’t you clean the plane before each flight for god sake.’

And another questioned: ‘So planes don’t get cleaned.’

While a third said: ‘Tell me you’re scared of germs without telling me you’re scared of germs.’

Meanwhile, other commented that they always clean their seat and surrounding area before they sit down, writing: ‘Bring wipes clean everything.’

A second TikTok user put: ‘I clean the whole seat window arm rest and tables before I even sit down…’

While a third said: ‘Everyone laughed at me for wiping down my family’s row before we sat down -everything from the window wall, trays, arm rests, back of chairs, etc…’ 

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