A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the 'cheesy' behaviour they hate people doing on planes – as well as the people who do it the most.

Flying is no doubt an impressive skill, with passengers delighted by their pilot's ability to take their plane directly from one place to another.

However, some passengers choose to show their appreciation by giving the pilot a round of applause when the aircraft touches down.

It's something that flight attendants don't really understand, and in some cases find really irritating.

In an interview with CNN, two flight attendants gave their opinions on the happy clappers they sometimes encounter on board their flights.

Allie Malis, an American cabin crew member said: "I guess people are surprised the plane landed, I'm not sure? Most planes do land.

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"Personally, I think it's kind of cheesy. I think a lot of flight attendants would agree with me on that."

Kris Major, an attendant from the UK, explained who were the worst culprits and how some events can increase the likelihood of a round of applause on arrival.

He said: "Italians do it every single flight, every single time. Sometimes after bad turbulence you'll get it.

"You understand that one – people are just relieved to get there because they don't really understand turbulence."

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There is a psychological reason why some people feel compelled to clap when the plane lands.

According to the body language expert Judi James, some people just can’t help themselves.

She previously told Sun Online Travel: “Subliminally, it’s a moment of shared survival because even for seasoned travellers – the moment of landing is most dangerous.

“It’s very dramatic as often you feel the wheels bounce underneath – so it’s nothing like pulling into a station for instance.

“Most people don’t realise they will be tense and holding breath.

“But then we’re embarrassed by our own fear and it puts us back in control if we make a lot of noise together – it doesn’t make us look like the cowards we are feeling like.”

Luckily for flight attendants, clapping passengers are becoming rarer, as people feel increasingly safer during flights.

Judi continued: “We have a lower expectation of having an accident in the plane these days – there was a time in the 1980s in 1990s when you’d hear something on the news regularly, but now you hear nothing."

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Meanwhile, passengers also wind up flight attendants with these two things.

And cabin crew will sometimes punish passengers in a disgusting way if they are irritating enough.

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