FLIGHT experts have revealed how to get more legroom, without having to pay for it.

Extra legroom seats often cost more money, so flights in standard economy seats can lack in space.

However, experts at Travel Lens have given some of their tips on how to improve your chances of having more legroom without paying extra

One thing they said to do was avoid checking in early, which may go against what most people do.

They explained that it is "worth the risk" to check after most other passengers.

This is because there may be seats with extra legroom available, which crew are more likely to offer up if there is no-one left to check in.

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Another way to find spare legroom seats is to use apps and website which alert you when a better seat is available.

The ExpertFlyer app lets you set up an alert for any kind of seat you want, not just a legroom seat but also those by the window or by the aisle.

If alerted, it can be worth asking crew if you can then move to the seat.

The best seats to pick for legroom in economy are on the front row, as these are the bulkhead seats that are often used by parents.

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This is because they are roomier to fit in a bassinet on the wall.

However, booking these may give more space but also comes with its own problems, such as the risk of crying babies and sometimes smaller TV screens.

You can also use a Google Flights app when booking your flights to see which airlines offer the most legroom in economy.

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A passenger recently refused to move on a flight to let a family sit together because he paid for an extra legroom seat.

And another woman had a very rude technique to get more legroom in her seat.

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